Rass-O’-Nil Specifications

Rass-O’-Nil Specifications:

Appearance : Green/Dark Green/Bluish Green
Specific Gravity : 1.02 to 1.61
Boiling Point : 100 degrees C at 760 mm of Hg.
Freezing Point : 16 degrees C
Maximum Coverage area : One kilogram Rass-O’-Nil covers up to 750 square feet on fresh HR Coil
sheet and up to 960 square feet on fresh CRCA sheet. Rass-O’-Nil’s cost per square feet is extremely
economical. (By mop) For old and corroded structures the coverage will be lower and heavily rusted
metal may require a double coat.
Durability : Five years at least, from manufacture date, if stored in airtight and suitable containers.
Drying time : One to ten minutes at ambient temperature.
Acidity (pH) : Mildly acidic (pH: 2.5 to 4.5 in leaching).
Acidity of aqueous solution : (1% by volume) < 2 pH.
Flammability : Not flammable.
Optimum reaction time on fresh metal for conductive polymerised metallic phosphating :
Less than five minutes at ambient temperature.
Miscibility in water : Miscible
Loading/Unloading temperature : Ambient
Storage temperature : Ambient
Salt spray test : Satisfactory after 40 days exposure. Indian Standard: 13515 ’92 requires 30 days
exposure. Satisfactory after 1540 hours exposure (ASTM B-117) with minimum surface treated
hot-rolled steel test panels, cleaned of mill scale.
Drying time : One to 10 minutes when applied on metal surface in normal conditions.
phosphate deposit weight : After ‘flash’ dipping a clean mild steel plate in RASS-O’-NIL
One second – 2.2 gm / square metre 15 minutes – 7.7 gm / square metre
Five seconds – 4.5 gm / square metre 30 minutes -8.0 gm / square metre
Ten seconds – 5.0 gm / square metre 45 minutes – 7.0 gm / square metre
Safety and physiological data : Rass-O’-Nil products do not harm the skin. A slight irritation may
occur on skin contact. Gloves and safety goggles are recommended. Rass-O’-Nil products have no
adverse effect on health of the person using them. See the Rass-O’-Nil Material Safety Data Sheet.