Rass-O’-Nil One-Step No-Rinse Steel Treatment and Passivation

Rass-O’-Nil® is the one-step clean steel treatment, pickling and passivation nano-technology. Rass-O’-Nil treats and
pickles the steel and deposits an ultra-fine conductive polymerised metallic phosphate deposit.
Powder-coating, e-coatings, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing and paint adhere better and stronger to the Rass-O’-Nil
treated steel surface. Extra anchor points on the Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surface improve the finish coating’s
bonding and adhesion with the Rass-O’-Nil treated steel.
Rass-O’-Nil’s conductive deposit enhances the electrostatic bonding for stronger coating adhesion.

Why Treat Steel Surface?

● Steel surface preparation and treatment plays a major role in the steel finish quality.
● If the steel surface is not cleaned properly or if the surface has oil, rust or dirt, the adhesion between the steel
and the finish coat becomes weak and causes the finish coating to fail.
● The steel treatment is needed to provide a protective deposit on the metal surface to resist corrosion under the finish coating.

Clean Steel Treatment and Passivation:

● Rass-O’-Nil® Steel Treatment does not produce any waste and or need water.
● The Rass-O’-Nil steel treatment and pickling process saves water because rinsing is eliminated.
● Rass-O’-Nil Steel Treatment reduces carbon emission because the conventional seven tank process is replaced
with a clean one-step process.
● The Rass-O’-Nil steel pickling process eliminates all the hazardous/toxic chemicals, such as strong acid.
Steel Treatment, Pickling and Passivation Quality:
The Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surface sealed with a finish coat withstood more than 900 hours of salt spray test,
passed the 1.5 kg scratch test, and adhesion test.
Rass-O’-Nil stringently satisfies ASTM B117 (USA) and IS: 13515-1992 (Indian Standard). The Rass-O’-Nil deposit
does not come off from the steel even when the metal is bent up to 180°, punched, drilled or heated up to 400° C.
Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surfaces, sealed with a finish coat, left in the open atmospheric conditions for years, do not
allow corrosion beneath powder coating, e-coating, paint, and galvanizing.
Rass-O’-Nil ® technology protects structural and fabricated steel surface and the finish coating from corrosion on
ocean transit. Rass-O’-Nil enhances the coat’s adhesion to the metal and protects the metal from corrosion in harsh

Rass-O’-Nil® One Step Steel Treatment:

Rass-O’-Nil® cleans the surface and converts light oil the rust and oxidation and reacts with the metal surface to
deposit a conductive polymerised metallic-phosphate deposit on the steel surface.
The Rass-O’-Nil pre-treatment technology reduces the process time and running cost considerably, along
with quality surface preparation, which enhances the final finishing. The finishing has longer-term
corrosion protection than before.
Rass-O’-Nil treatment eliminates all the steps from a typical surface preparation / treatment process,
reduces process time and eliminates hazardous waste.
Rass-O’-Nil technology makes the metal treatment process simple, economical, and enhances the finish quality.

Rass-O’-Nil One-Step Steel Treatment and Passivation:

Rass-O’-Nil® pickles the steel surface and deposits a metallic polymerised phosphate in one step. The treated steel
does not have rust and scale and is ready for painting, powder coating, and welding. Rass-O’-Nil Pickling and
Passivation replaces traditional strong acid pickling and sand blasting.
Unlike acid pickling and sand blasting, Rass-O’-Nil® does not etch the metal surface. Rass-O’-Nil deposits a
polymerised metallic-phosphate conversion deposit by chemically reacting with the metal surface and micro-rust.
Rass-O’-Nil Pickling and Passivation Process:​A spray system or tank dipping must be used for pickling with
Rass-O’-Nil. If the steel is at room temperature then the Rass-O’-Nil should be warmed to 60 to 70 degrees C.
Rass-O’-Nil® does not lose concentration when used. The rust and scale particles are properly filtered and the
chemical is kept reasonably clean.
How to pickle and passivate steel with Rass-O’-Nil
1. The Rass-O’-Nil in the tank should be heated to 60 °C.
2. Immersion Heater with thermostat is necessary to keep Rass-O’-Nil’s temperature in the tank at 60 to 70 °C.
3. Dip the steel in the Rass-O’-Nil tank for for 30 to 40 minutes or use Spray Jet pickling.
4. Manual or Mechanical turbulence through stirring or air bubbling created with circulation pump suggested
for better surface action during descaling process.
5. Pickling will result in a clean and smooth surface.
6. Dry the surface after taking out the metal section from the tank.
7. Surface will be ready to finish with paint.
8. The Rass-O’-Nil in the tank should be filtered to clean the impurities and sediment.

Steel Pickling and Treatment Quality:​

Rass-O’-Nil technology makes the steel treatment process simple,
economical, and enhances the finish quality. The Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surface sealed with a finish coat withstood
more than 1500 hours of salt spray test, passed the 1.5 kg scratch test, and the adhesion test.
Rass-O’-Nil stringently satisfies ASTM B117 (USA) and IS: 13515-1992 (Indian Standard). The Rass-O’-Nil treated
metal surface can withstand thermal shock up to 400° C, and random bending up to 180°.
Steel Surface Coverage and Economy:
One kilogram Rass-O’-Nil covers up to 700 square feet on fresh hot rolled steel sheet and up to 900 square feet on
fresh cold rolled steel sheet. Rass-O’-Nil’s cost per square feet is extremely economical.


Rass-O’-Nil Steel Pickling and Treatment Technology was tried at
Tata Steel:

“For several years — Tata Steel’s R&D and Roy Research and Technology made a joint effort towards
the optimisation of the chemical’s uses and physical testing for plant implementation for the
development of the metal surface preparation and pre-treatment technology through lab and plant
trial. This metal surface preparation and pre-treatment technology polymerised with a polymorphous
For several years — Tata Steel’s R&D invested considerable amounts towards adapting the new
technologies and Roy Research and Technology has also invested certain amounts and time in
developing these technologies.
After thorough testing at the lab and plant level, these new technologies were well which accepted by
Tata Steel and Roy Research and Technology. The following are those technologies are the new
developments of poly-phosphating and poly-metallic phosphate – Flexo and Galvo Technologies for
HR, CR, Galvanneal, and tubes (hereinafter referred to as New Technologies.)”
Excerpt from text of Agreement | copyright: Roy Research and Technology 2018

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