Rass-O’-Nil Clean Metal Treatment

Rass-O’-Nil® is the one-step steel rust preventive treatment nano-technology. Rass-O’-Nil deposits a conductive polymerised metallic phosphate nano-deposit. Rass-O’-Nil removes rust.

The Rass-O’-Nil nano-deposit protects metal from rust below coatings. Powder-coating, e-coatings, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing and paint adhere better to the Rass-O’-Nil treated steel surface.

Rass-O’-Nil’s conductive deposit enhances electrostatic bonding for stronger coating adhesion.

Rass-O’-Nil® Metal Rust Preventive Treatment and Pickling Benefits:

Rass-O’-Nil makes the metal treatment process faster, economical, and enhances the finish quality.

Rass-O’-Nil Metal Treatment replaces the conventional seven tank process with a clean one-step process. Rass-O’-Nil® Metal Treatment does not produce any effluent.

Rass-O’-Nil steel treatment and pickling saves water because rinsing is eliminated.

Rass-O’-Nil® does not etch the steel surface unlike acid pickling and shot blasting. Rass-O’-Nil prevents hydrogen embrittlement of metal caused by acids like hydrochloric or sulphuric acid.

The Rass-O’-Nil steel pickling process eliminates hazardous/toxic chemicals, such as strong acid.

Metal Corrosion Prevention Quality:

The Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surface sealed with a finish coat withstood more than 900 hours of salt spray test, passed the 1.5 kg scratch test, and adhesion test.

Rass-O’-Nil stringently satisfies ASTM B117 (USA) and IS: 13515-1992 (Indian Standard). The Rass-O’-Nil deposit does not come off from the steel even when the metal is bent up to 180°, punched, drilled or heated up to 400° C.

Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surfaces, sealed with a finish coat, left in the open atmospheric conditions for years, prevent corrosion beneath powder coating, e-coating, paint, and galvanizing.

High Performance Metal Finish Coating:

Rass-O’-Nil enhances coating adhesion to the metal, protects the steel from rust in saline, acidic, and alkaline environments, and improves the finish coating or paint’s quality. Rass-O’-Nil ® protects structural and fabricated steel and powder coating, e-coating, electroplating and paint from corrosion on ocean transit and weathering.

Rass-O’-Nil® treatment on the steel surface of oil wells and the plates of tanks helps the topcoat on the metal withstand aggressive weathering. Rass-O’-Nil® increases paint adhesion.

The Rass-O’-Nil® treated metal surface improves the metal life cycle during storage and transport of high sulphur content oil. Rass-O’-Nil treated inner surface of pipes helps improve the flow of oil inside the pipeline system.

The Haldia Petrochemicals Refinery and the Unilever Soap Factory in India have found Rass-O’-Nil to be very useful in their maintenance operations before finish painting.

Rass-O’-Nil Steel Treatment for Corrosion Prevention Technology was tried at Tata Steel under agreement.

Rass-O’-Nil® Metal Surface Coverage and Economy:

One kilogram Rass-O’-Nil covers up to 750 square feet on hot rolled steel and up to 960 square feet on cold rolled steel. Rass-O’-Nil is priced at US $ 4/- (Dollar Four) and ₹ 250/- (Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty in India) per kg packed in two hundred litre HDPE Drums.