A thought on Materials and Morals

The hydrocarbon fuelled civilization is headed inexorably on the road to autotelic extinction. Darwin foretold the future in the science of survival, extinction, and evolution but he didn’t know that his own species would screw it’s own fate through the economics of industrialization and were not instinctively moral like he believed…

Adam Smith saw this coming in his moral exhortations about human behavior in the theory of moral sentiments but I wonder if he applied Darwin’s theory to the ethics of self-interest in the wealth of nations?

What one learns from quantum physics is that learning is archaeological, be it human history or natural/cosmological phenomena. The world and our understanding of it is granular and not continuous, what we impose on the world our categories tinted by our everyday experience

“Archeology is the term Foucault gives to his method, which seeks to describe discourses in the conditions of their emergence and transformation rather than in their deeper, hidden meaning, their propositional or logical content, or their expression of an individual or collective psychology.” – from https://www.sparknotes.com/philosophy/arch/themes/

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