Steel Pickling and Passivation without strong acid or water


Steel Pickling and Passivation is a very important industrial process for steel users, especially for panels, switch gear, transformers and furnaces, long products from like bright bars, wire and rods, bridge building and other structural applications. Hot rolled steel has to be pickled or descaled before phosphating, galvanizing and epoxy/aluminium paint coating. Rass-O’-Nil is a one-step steel […]

Save food from Climate Change


Climate change will pose sharp risks to the world’s food supply in coming decades, potentially undermining crop production and driving up prices at a time when the demand for food is expected to soar, scientists have found”,  – The New York Times: “Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies” Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer Plantee replaces chemical fertilizers […]

Rass-O’-Nil® One-Step Steel Treatment


Rass-O’-Nil® is the one-step clean steel treatment nano-technology. Rass-O’-Nil treats the steel and deposits an ultra-fine conductive polymerised metallic phosphate deposit. Powder-coating, e-coatings, electroplating, and paint adhere better and stronger to the Rass-O’-Nil treated steel surface. Extra anchor points on the Rass-O’-Nil treated metal surface improve the finish coating’s bonding and adhesion with the Rass-O’-Nil treated steel. Rass-O’-Nil’s conductive deposit […]

Water Saving Steel Pickling and Treatment

Clean One-step Steel Pickling and Passivation

The Steel Pickling process in Steelmaking and Steel Treatment process before painting and powder coating uses a lot of water for rinsing after treatment with hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, chromate and phosphate solutions and other alkaline or acidic chemicals. Rass-O’-Nil Steel Pickling Passivation and Treatment does not need the steel to be rinsed with […]

Rass-O’-Nil® stops corrosion on structural steel


The backbone of the concrete castings, that is TMT rebars starts corroding there will eventually be problems of spalling and cracking, which will then weaken the whole structure. Chloride from various sources penetrates to the rebar and the electrochemical process of corrosion starts. The rust expands up to four times its original volume and creates […]

Rass-O’-Nil Steel Pickling and Treatment Technology was tried at Tata Steel


“For several years — Tata Steel’s R&D and Roy Research and Technology made a joint effort towards the optimization of the chemical’s uses and physical testing for plant implementation for the development of the metal surface preparation and pre-treatment technology through lab and plant trial. This metal surface preparation and pre-treatment technology polymerised with a […]

Recycle waste from oil refinery, steel plant, and tar-sand

Protect Coatings in Harsh Conditions

Roy Research and Technology has invented a technology to recycle waste like asphalt or coal tar and solid waste to make products. Bitumen as asphalt or coal tar is available as bottom waste from petroleum refinery and steel industries. The process recovers hydrocarbons from left over asphaltic tar sand and converts them to products. Recycle waste from petroleum […]

Stop Climate Change with Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer

Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer

1) Biomass Fertilizer Plantee provides complete sustenance and nutrition to all kinds of crops and helps  replaces chemical fertilizer. The manufacture of chemical fertilizer is an energy-intensive process, consuming non-renewable natural gas, not to mention the pollution from its effluents. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are made from ammonia, which consumes five per cent of the natural gas produced […]