Plantee Protects plants from heat

Plantee protects plants from Heat stress and dryness due to climate change and improves root growth and photo-sensitivity in plants for better yield of fruits and vegetables. Plantee has a good prospect when agriculture is suffering because of heat. Plantee produces flowers that stay fresh after cutting much longer and increases the vase life of … Continue reading Plantee Protects plants from heat

A thought on Materials and Morals

The hydrocarbon fuelled civilization is headed inexorably on the road to autotelic extinction. Darwin foretold the future in the science of survival, extinction, and evolution but he didn't know that his own species would screw it's own fate through the economics of industrialization and were not instinctively moral like he believed... Adam Smith saw this … Continue reading A thought on Materials and Morals

Renewable Nitrogen Soil Conditoner

Plantee is the high yielding cellulose-based based renewable and clean nitrogen fertilizer and ligno-cellulosic soil conditioner that has natural nitrogen, bio-proteins, and naturally occurring iron, zinc, copper, boron, and phosphorus. Renewable nitrogen fertilizer replaces the non-renewable nitrogen derived from natural gas used to produce urea and DAP fertilizer. The food we eat depends on the … Continue reading Renewable Nitrogen Soil Conditoner

Semi-conductor for Solar Energy

Energy powers civilization in every step. The greatest quantum of electric energy is generated from climate warming coal and natural gas fired thermal steam turbines because the steam engine turning a dynamo is the legacy of the industrial revolution. Roy Research and Technology has developed a electrically and electronically conductive semi-conductor. A clean and natural … Continue reading Semi-conductor for Solar Energy

Renewable cold process bricks and panels from waste and soil

Roy Research and Technology has developed a unique process to u bio-se char and fly-ash for lightweight panel, building blocks, bricks etc. Through its proprietary eco-bonded binding technology with double bond carbonated poly calcium silicate formation. This technology eliminates toxicity and breath-ability factor. Thus having the potential as a good building material, while offsetting about … Continue reading Renewable cold process bricks and panels from waste and soil