Learning in Entropy and the Material Morals of Waste

School creates an epistemological order among children. They primarily modify a child’s perspective, focus, and behavior like factories manufacturing and assembling components on a linear particular conveyor in an assembly line. They reduce entropy (disorder) and organize particular forms of order (value) among children in the name of learning patterns and language. They teach children…More


Semi-conductor for Solar Energy

Energy powers civilization in every step. The greatest quantum of electric energy is generated from climate warming coal and natural gas fired thermal steam turbines because the steam engine turning a dynamo is the legacy of the industrial revolution. Roy Research and Technology has developed a electrically and electronically conductive semi-conductor. A clean and natural…More


Artificial Timber

Timber that looks and feels like wood Wood is warm, earthy, and feels good to the touch. That is why, wood substitutes in furniture like plastic or metal, or in flooring like ceramic tiles, for instance, never feel the same. The artificial wood innovated by Roy Research and Technology is, hence, a winner, because it…More


Biomass Fertilizer to Biomass Ethanol

Renewable Fertilizer for Renewable Energy Biomass Fertilizer Plantee’s natural effect on plant cellulose yields higher and better quality biomass sugar value for the production of more ethanol from the same quantity of biomass. If the biomass used to produce ethanol is cultivated with hydrocarbon-based fertilizers, it defeats the purpose of producing renewable energy. The inputs…More


Agriculture and Climate Change

“Climate change will pose sharp risks to the world’s food supply in coming decades, potentially undermining crop production and driving up prices at a time when the demand for food is expected to soar, scientists have found”,  – The New York Times: “Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies” The manufacture of chemical fertilizer is an…More


Industrial Waste to Resource

Roy Research and Technology has invented a technology to recycle waste like asphalt or coal tar and solid waste to make products. Bitumen as asphalt or coal tar is available as bottom waste from petroleum refinery and steel industries. The process recovers hydrocarbons from left over asphaltic tar sand and converts them to products. Recycle waste from petroleum…More


The world is full of cellulose. Cellulose is the stuff plants are made of. It is a kind of sugar or carbohydrate that we cannot eat. These are stored in chain like structures called lignins. Cellulose contains the basic building blocks of life Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and a few metals like phosphorus, calcium, and…More

Plantee® cellulosic nutrient and enzyme for better flowers

Plantee is a with ligno-cellulosic nitrogen based soil enzyme and nutrient for flowering plants. Plantee’s natural effect on plants yields better flowers that stay fresh for a longer time. Plantee helps flower growers to earn higher returns on their produce. Flower growers in south Bengal who use Plantee get higher returns on their produce at…More

Plantee cellulosic anti-oxidant protects plants from climate change

Plantee protects plants from heat stress and dryness due to climate change and improves root growth and photo-sensitivity in plants for better yield of fruits and vegetables. Plantee has a good prospect when agriculture is suffering because of heat. Plantee produces flowers that stay fresh after cutting much longer and increases the vase life of…More