Copper-free Welding

Copper-free welding on the right robot welding arm

Copper-free super conductive nano-coated electrode wire with super welding properties, which minimizes smoke, gases and fumes and oxide particulates and other health hazards for welders. The picture shows  robotic-welding of MIG / WMAW (Coflex and Coplex technology application).  Copper-free super conductive electrode wire with super welding properties which minimize smoke, gases and fumes and particulate […]

Save food from Climate Change

  “Climate change will pose sharp risks to the world’s food supply in coming decades, potentially undermining crop production and driving up prices at a time when the demand for food is expected to soar, scientists have found”,  – The New York Times: “Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies” Biomass Fertilizer Plantee replaces chemical fertilizers […]

Stop Climate Change

Rising seas - photograph from National Geographic September 2013 issue

The seas are rising because of climate change… The National Geographic Magazine in the September 2013 issue says, “As the planet warms, the sea rises. Coastlines flood. What will we protect? What will we abandon? How will we face the danger of rising seas? … Those who chose to ride out [Hurricane] Sandy got a preview of […]

Waste Recycling from oil refinery, tar-sand, and steel plant

Protect Coatings in Harsh Conditions

Roy Research and Technology had invented a unique plug-in technology to control and reduction of hydrocarbon based product and their emission. The technology utilizes asphalt / coal tar material and other solid waste in the form of value added product. Bitumen as asphalt or coal tar is available as bottom and waste material from petroleum […]

Stop Climate Change with Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer

Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer

1) Biomass Fertilizer Plantee provides complete sustenance and nutrition to all kinds of crops and helps  replaces chemical fertilizer. The manufacture of chemical fertilizer is an energy-intensive process, consuming non-renewable natural gas, not to mention the pollution from its effluents. Nitrogen-based fertilizers are made from ammonia, which consumes five per cent of the natural gas produced […]

Biomass fertilizer to Biomass ethanol: Renewable inputs for renewable energy

Renewable Nitrogen Fertilizer

Biomass Fertilizer Plantee’s natural effect on plant cellulose yields higher and better quality biomass sugar value for the production of more ethanol from the same quantity of biomass. If the biomass used to produce ethanol is cultivated with hydrocarbon-based fertilizers, it defeats the purpose of producing renewable energy. The inputs used to grow the biomass […]

How Plantee helps reduce global warming

Energy from Biomass

Plantee is a cellulose-based liquid organic fertilizer invented by Roy Research and Technology.  Plantee  is a complete organic manure and growth nutrient for all types of plants, vegetables, and crops. Plantee plays a very important role in helping to reduce global warming. This is how: Plantee reduces, even totally avoids, the use of chemical fertilizer. […]

Until we can stop using coal, don’t label coal ash hazardous


The US Environmental Protection Agency wants to label coal combustion residuals (CCRs) or coal ash/fly ash as ‘special waste’ or hazardous. This is largely a reaction to the 1 billion gallon coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee, in December 2008. The EPA had, in the years 1993 and in 2000, said that fossil fuel combustion […]

Wood to ash to wood

Artificial Timber

The artificial timber invention by Roy Research and Technology (RRT) is what every recycling enthusiast could only dream of until now. From source to use to waste to back to source, RRT’s artificial timber traces the complete journey. One of the chief raw materials for the artificial wood is fly ash, which comes from burnt […]